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About Eric Gillette


Okay, so I'm sure you're wondering. . .who I am and how I can help you expand, improve, and develop your online business.


Starting out in 2002, I formed GSolutions Online and became the Managing Director.  GSolutions Online was a Search Engine Marketing Agency that I still run in a limited capacity to this day (I only take on 2-3 SEO/SEM projects per year).


I learned a lot of marketing techniques and online business strategies from the likes of guys like John Reese, Frank Kern, and Ian Ippolito, while also honing my own personal techniques. In 2010, I later formed and incorporated for the sole purpose of helping fellow online business owners develop and implement practical strategies that they could use to automate their business models, as well as leverage the power of their servers to get work done for their customers in a more productive way that also frees them up to work on other projects they may have interest in.


Having spent the better part of 10 years building my own companies as well as those of my clients, I've learned and even created some of the fastest techniques and strategies to help you as a business owner get online quickly, efficiently, and produce maximum impact from your online presence.


I'm not going to "wow" you with an about me page that is written by someone else, or spoken in 3rd person to make you think I am somebody that you can never talk to in person because I'm just "too busy" for you; it's quite the opposite. . .I spend most days in my slippers at my desk or barefoot going wherever my life my take me, or "going with the flow" as some of my close friends and family usually hear me say.


I am very happy to share my life with my clients, via Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms, because I feel that if my clients are also friends, we have a better relationship, and vested interest in seeing each other succeed.


I am well known online as a "Website Business Consultant" who people have deferred to with the most difficult of website marketing questions, and a Server Administrator as well which as a result, has gotten me quoted in various search engine marketing books, seo periodicals, as a respected SEO Expert, internet contributor, and expert on the subject of PCI Compliance within the credit card processing industry.


That said, I will tell you that I'm a regular guy and a regular business owner just like you. =0)


The only difference between my business and your business is that my business is designed to help you improve your business, which in itself is a marvelous enigma. . .


In my almost 20 years of doing business online full-time I have encountered some of the same problems that you likely are having now, or will inevitably face in the near future.


I'm a results-driven person, and I always strive for the best results in everything I do -- and my clients love me for it (bottom of the page).


Does this mean that I always succeed at everything I do??  Hardly.  I've fallen on my face quite a few times in fact, both personally and professionally. . .but in the end I've learned some really good lessons and techniques that I've used to help other entrepreneurs and business owners just like you to succeed with their businesses!  I have this knack for being able to identify what an online business needs to change, add, or remove from their model to succeed online.


I really love what I do for a living (I would do it for free, if I didn't have to eat, pay bills, provide for my family, and so forth -- but you know how that goes), and enjoy providing my clients with the accountability that they need to have in order to reach or come close to reaching the goals that they have with their online businesses, so that perhaps they could do the same thing that I do; after all, isn't that what all business owners want from their businesses?  Freedom?  More Time?


My goal, business model, and approach is to help you achieve just that -- FREEDOM.  We all know that wealth, objects, and the like come freely and easily, but TIME is the one commodity that once spent can never be gotten back, so I will show you how to spend your time doing what you do best while automating the parts of your business that can be run by a monkey. *wink*


I've been where you are as a business owner in my own online businesses and have learned so much from trial and error that I'm able to help you avoid making the some costly mistakes.  I've had many online businesses before I decided to start using my expertise to help other online business owners.  Some of my online businesses succeeded and were sold off for a profit, and some completely floundered quite honestly.


That's what this is all about -- I am not perfect (you knew that right??), and I am not the catch-all, be-all, end-all for your business if you've already made some of the mistakes I've made.  But I can definitely help you get things in order the same way I did if you've already made some of the mistakes (spaghetti isn't sticking to the wall anymore).  I can also help you to avoid the hindrances, and capitalize on what you know, who you know, and what your unique offering is to the world.


I am so confident in my ability to help you increase your business profit that I have a "plain-as-day" guarantee, because I've already helped other online business owners just like you:


"I guarantee that your business will increase profit (or profit potential depending on your business) by at least 5-10% within 12 months from the time we start working together -- or your money back.  Period."


Realistically though, I cannot guarantee you that I will be able to work with your business model, or that the results will be typical of some of the other online businesses I have worked with in the past; but I can guarantee you that I will do the best that I can do to help you realize your dream with your online business.  If you follow my business plan for your online business, you will experience success.  Period.  My methods are tried and true, and have worked quite well for many of my clients as you will see very shortly in working with me.


I'm also very selective about the clients I work with and will not work with just anyone.  The way you love your business, I have to love it the same way, otherwise we probably won't be a good fit.  So keep in mind, you're going to have "sell" me on whatever it is that you do, or offer online, so that I can "love" it as much as you do.


I'm ready when you are. . .get started with your online business consulting program here.